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V8 Nexus gel integration

Gel integration

V8 Nexus is unique in providing a seamless preparation workflow for our SAS gel trays.

V8 Nexus is the heart of the most versatile, powerful analytical electrophoresis platform available, with hardware and software support for the preparation of gel sample trays for use with our SAS-1+ and SAS-3 gel analysers.

Reflex testing

Use our automated Expert System or order a reflex test for serum proteins or haemoglobins at the click of a button.

Complete automation

The gel sample tray is prepared in-place on V8 Nexus and immediately ready for analysis on a SAS system.

Clear, simple interpretation

Your gel result data is automatically linked to the V8 Nexus data in the Platinum 5 touchscreen software.

True flexibility and a seamless interpretation workflow

V8 Nexus delivers true flexibility and access to extended analytical capabilities with this essential tool. As well as offering the powerful ability to reflex to both capillary Immunodisplacement and gel immunofixations, Platinum 5 automatically links all of the results together for a seamless interpretation workflow and complete end-to-end patient ID and reagent traceability.

  • Automated and customised dilution settings
  • Serum and Urine Proteins (up to 100 samples)
  • Immunofixation (up to 9 serum and urine samples)
  • Alkaline and Acid Haemoglobin (up to 40 samples)
  • Automated pre-lysis for whole-blood haemoglobin

How it works

The user can place a sample gel tray on the V8 Nexus and it is able to automatically prepare a gel sample tray on-board the system through the touch of a button on the associated Platinum 5 software. This can be automatically ordered by the Expert System software for reflex testing if deemed an abnormal result according to laboratory parameters, adding a further step of automation and reducing user input.

Users can customise the dilutions for Immunofixation. Standard dilutions can be automatically optimised on a sample by sample basis by an algorithm that analyses the relative area of the gated monoclonal and the relative area of the polyclonal present in each trace. This means that there are no more manual dilution calculations required and it gives dilution factors specific for each patient.

Once the V8 has intelligently pipetted each sample onto the gel preparation tray, the user only has to transfer this from the V8 Nexus onto the SAS system, ready to be applied to the gel.

The Platinum 5 touchscreen software automatically links the data from your gel results with the V8 Nexus data, for clear and simple interpretation, with complete end-to-end patient ID and reagent traceability. When the attached barcode is scanned into the search window of Platinum 5, the results for that scanned gel populates the window. From here previous patient history and results can be loaded for individual patients allowing for ease of interpretation, monitoring and reporting.