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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review

The Xiaomi Mi Band has been an international fitness trackers hit, and for good reason – the range has been so cheap you might as well give them a go, and people have in their millions. And to some extent they do the job of helping you realise of how active (or sedentary) you are, they're comfortable and the sleep tracking works.

The problem for Xiaomi is that fitness trackers, good ones, are getting cheaper and cheaper. So as it continues to add features to its line-up, here with the Mi Band 2 an OLED display joins heart rate tracking, its competitors slash the prices of their feature packed devices.

But is it any good? And can it hold a candle to the newest and best Fitbit trackers? Read on to find out.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Design & Screen

You get pretty much what you'd expect from the Mi Band 2's design and build. The default black model doesn't look especially pretty as the module is swallowed up by the cheap silicon (apparently anti-sweat) band but both are solid enough. It's IP67 water resistant so you can splash it with water or shower with it though I took it off when I went kayaking recently in case I ended up in the sea.

I did manage to scratch the top of the OLED display pretty quickly after I started wearing it, though, which was annoying. Especially as it's supposed to be scratch resistant glass.

Wearing it opposite the $125.99 Fitbit Alta, it's actually slightly more comfortable and lighter and it's easier to secure too though the Fitbit is by far the classier finish. You can officially get Mi Band bands in black, orange, blue and green though we've already seen more colours around on the web.

The 0.42-inch OLED screen is pretty fuzzy, especially if you compare it to something like the Alta's display. Still, it does the job displaying the time, steps, calories burned and heart rate (no distance). It will come as no surprise that the auto screen turn on works only sporadically.

What is nice is the little touch sensitive button to control the display as it's not touchscreen. The whole thing has an anti-fingerprint coating but it's not really necessary. This is a quick, reliable way to interact with the Mi Band 2 and much more preferable to double and single taps on the Alta or a push of the Misfit Flash Link, say, which can be hard to tell if it's registered.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: Tracking

In terms of tracking, let's keep this simple and start with the positives. The Mi Band's sleep tracking is good and accurate - the module automatically detects that you've gone to sleep, or woken up, and is a useful guide to how you're actually sleeping. (As for the deep sleep metrics, that's hard to tell if it's accurate so we'll leave that for a scientific test). Extras include the ability to set multiple alarms to vibrate to wake you up, a popular feature brought over from the first two Mi Bands.

As for the rest, Xiaomi says it has made both its step counting and heart rate tracking algorithms and tech more accurate. The activity tracking still isn't quite up to scratch but, interestingly in different ways to previous Mi Bands.

It struggles to auto recognise when you start running/working out and its idle alert wasn't as reliable as most devices with this function. For every day, though, the Mi Band 2 does give slightly closer results to more expensive trackers. Historically we've found the Mi Band 2 overestimates overall activity, tracking wrist movement as walking when it's not, but when we wore it alongside the Alta, we actually found that the Xiaomi was tracking lower by hundreds of steps.